On a good note…

September 19, 2008 at 8:37 am

Many of you remember “Matt’s story”. A young dad with brain cancer.
Sometimes prayers are not answered in the way we want, but we still get little signs that God has heard us.
Matt is a die-hard Cubs fan. His picture in the hospital after brain surgery had him sitting up in bed with a Cubs bathrobe on.
Last week-end the Cubs game that was supposed to have been played in Houston was moved to Milwaukee. It didn’t prevent the Chicago Cub fans from heading up to see a history making game.
Some friends of Matt’s heard there were seats available at the last minute and asked him to go. So Matt decides he would take his 3 year old son, who is already a Cubs junky, to his first game. Matt wanted to be sure that he and the little guy had attended a Cubs game together, regardless of what happens with his cancer.
A foul ball is hit into the stands and lands in the lap of a guy sitting next to Matt’s son. This man turns to little Ashton and hands him the ball, knowing it’s his first game. Matt says at that moment he knew everything was going to start getting better. Then they pitched a no-hitter and topped off a perfect day.
Just had to share such a wonderful story…