Okay, its gross but needs discussing

August 3, 2006 at 6:37 pm

26 years after GBS, I still am feast or famine in that dept. I took Metamucil for 5 years after recovery. Didn’t go at all during onset and 6 weeks after admittance to hospital, someone slapped their head and got the idea that maybe something should be done about that. Wish they had forgotten…. Lots of suppositories, citrate of magnesium, enemas and nothing moved. You guessed it, sent in the nurse with the rubber gloves, did that for 2 months and then miracle of miracles, I WENT ON MY OWN. I remember my father running up and down the hall at the hospital yelling, “She Pooped, She Pooped”. Rather embarrassing, but we celebrate our victories, no matter how small.. I still get the urge to yell, ‘I Pooped, I Pooped” once in a while. Not sure how my kids would react…..Nowadays, I eat lots of fiber, salads and fruit and pray. Sometimes it goes my way. N