OK? To back up a bit?

June 5, 2010 at 7:56 pm

I’ve got to ask? What tests are they or have they been ‘doing’ on/to you? At times, the one, might/can be related to the other? At other times, not… It’s all in the ‘sequences’ and how good the tests were from initial diagnosis of cancer on thru! Get copies of every and ALL Blood work done by different docs? And put it into a chronologically organized file! Word of warning? This will give your next diagnostic doc a ‘history’? BUT HE/SHE is going to want a vampire’s worth of blood NOW to see what IS now. If the labs are done by quality companies and in a consistent manner? They can see differences in either key or adjacent relative test results.
Don’t know about you? But I’ve timed my blood tests to either 1-2 days before my next infusion…ergo? I get the orders and have them all done at the same lab! And I’ve done that for at least 4 years to date? Why? Because the info is going to be all on the ‘same standards’ consistently, AND, It’s in one consistent format for each test. That helps when YOU are trying to make sense of any numbers. IF there are ‘special tests’? Make sure that you won’t ‘play’ UNLESS you get a copy? Getting your own copy of some abstract specialised test? Could save your life. Now or in the future.
Now Chemo does cause some neuropathies? But not necessarily GBS or CIDP! Usually they are due to other immune problems, which may or not be related to cancers. IT IS HARD TO PROVE! Do keep in mind? Treatments are the same for our problems. Ostensibly? Research says once the ‘irritant’ is removed? The ‘problem’ will go away. Yeah, sure, NOT! You know what I mean, and heaps of hugs and good things! I just hope you find some RELIEF somewhere! Bad enuf the other stuffs? But this isn’t icing on the cake. I guess that’s why I prefer dark chocolate? Munch, munch! Glurp? Chocolate is GOOD! No doubt about it! Fattening, but used with prudence, Well? Superior than many drugs! 😎 – Hope and good things again.