OK take a DEEP Breath NOW!

January 3, 2010 at 9:03 pm

And compose yourself. Calm yourself down – I’m sure you’ve learned techniques for this? IF not – LEARN THEM! One of them is BREATHE!!!!!!!
It’s surprising how we tend to HOLD our breath when stressed or try too hard some things? Actually, those breaths help. Don’t deny yourself of that AIR.
Next, acknowledge that this stuff DOES cause stress. No doubt about it! When Docs ask me about this aspect? I honestly reply: What person in their right mind wouldn’t be stressed w/this stuff? End of conversation. [Besides, I don’t take well to SSRI’s AT ALL!]
Now, regrouped, set your priorities, and work like a demon to get them done. Sounds like you are on the rite track, and DO HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF?
BTW? I’d thot my numb/deadness was permanent, but it keeps trying to come back! In spurts and spluts for lack of a better way to put it? Then a set-back or two? But I’m mostly always better off than at first!
Be what docs call: a live one; or a firecracker! Better that and feisty than some other ‘names’….NO? Keep faith in yourself and know what you need to do is RIGHT! Be your best advocate-no one else can do it as well as you!