Ok so I’m beating you with a wet noodle?

June 7, 2010 at 8:03 pm

You must have one special step-son! Let HIM know that others appreciate him too! Both of you are lucky.
How old is he? or would he be mortified to have that put ‘out there’? 😮
Go at it, and let us know which exercises your’e doing….others can learn a lot from those exercises themselves.
Please realize? That getting a sort of diagnosis and on IVIG? in the time frames you’re talking about are the equivalent to beating land-speed records in the motor world! You’ve achieved almost Indy500 records? Docs usually go into this on a glacial pace! You have to kick things up a notch by seeing other ‘experts’? But then it can be a medico-political landmine field of ‘differences of opinon’! IF you should seek another opinon? Just say: We aren’t communicating that well. And, leave it at that, w/no other elaboration-so you don’t burn bridges behind you as you seek some answers.
My own neuro? He’s got the CIDP diagnosis, But…once in a while he puts down another agressive poly neuro name down on his ‘sheets’ and I just ponder…am I MORE or LESS of a problem? I suspect that it’s the kind of neuro chinese menu option that appeals to the doc on that day! 😉 To do otherwise, I’d become crazy! I’m not THERE yet! What is the phase of the ‘moon’ When I see the doc? How many crisises did he attend to before seeing me? I make allowances, he gives me time [IF I’M ORGANIZED!] to spurt out my problems and address one or two…usually w/those dreaded ‘more tests’!
We as humans are amazing and quirky animals? We not only are unique-each of us! But we are soo varied that when we get sick, we do it quite thoroughly! Those of us with GBS & CIDP have really done that quirk factor quite WELL! Hope and hugs!