OK, I’ve lost hair too? At times a LOT of it.

November 17, 2010 at 10:59 pm

But it was the period between onset and before I’d gotten IVIG, and then? Later at times after several surgeries and a couple of traumas.
My take on it all is that with CIDP, your immune system goes whacky [for lack of a simpler way of putting it] and it’s attacking everything! Or, into overdrive in different areas? In my case it was the ‘lymphatic system’ big time. I’d not sweated for over a year from my onset until I’d started the IVIG! Big changes to your body!
Check out this web site? [Got it somewhere else]
Go to the index on the left and click on ‘diabetes in skin disease’; then really read the ABSTRACT and the INTRODUCTION . Said to me a lot about what’s going on with the dry or itchy skin, etc. A whole lot.
Good luck folks! Slather on some more non-itchy glop and get on with things!