Ok I understand

February 10, 2007 at 10:48 am

Well let me start by saying I think $24,754.07 for the treatment is “insurance gouging” … I agree this IVIG stuff is very tough to obtain and prepare and store…etc. BUT as was stated the (medical community) including the doctors jack the prices up so high that it will help cover the poor soul that can’t afford the insurace PREMIUMS of decent coverage. I’m told that the premiums on my primary insurance would typically cost around $1,000.00 per month. Ok put that in the household budget . Then expect to feed the family and heat the house and FILL THE TANK …..etc. I know you all understand where I’m coming from. There may be one or two of you out there without any money worries and a huge portfolio with 1st generation of Wal-Mart and Microsoft stock that was handed down from grandma~n~grandpa, but most have worked trying to survive. I am one of the lucky ones that have 2 insurances and only have to out of pocket on my secondary. I’m a Teamster and have been for a very long time. I’m probablly going to go on complete disability after the war with unsocial unsecurity and get some disability from my union also, I’ll draw on that until I’m 65 then draw my pension (which most do not have either). Actually the “STATEMENT” did not catch me off guard. I’ve known for a long time the system was screwed up. The Hospital and my insurance company will wittle the figures down and settle on a “discounted” price and it will be a fraction of the one I got. BUT if I didn’t have insurance WHO WOULD BARGAIN FOR ME?? The normal person would just have to go BANKRUPT. I asked the hospital if I could bring my own meds to take because I’m on maintenance meds anyway, and I had a 3 month supply at home. I guess you all know the answer to that question. NO “we don’t know the quality or expiration date….BULLS#&$..! It’s all about the money. I also know the doctors are very smart and deserve to make a very good living,the hospitals need to pay for new equipment…. but the medical system is just like our government $200.00 hammers,$400.00 toilet seats…etc. I talked to a guy about a hoist that picked me up from the bed when I couldn’t move. The hoist cost $8,000.00 , ok now I checked into that and the hoist uses a Volvo windshield wiper motor and the rest is very normal pieces like the cable and hook…etc. I’m saying this because I know mechanical equipment. They ROBBED the hospital on these hoists and there is one in every room in the rehab wing which is 6 floors. Of course we are paying for that too.
I want to appologize for ranting on the weekend it’s just not meant for that. I’m sorry for the lengthy post also.One thing I can’t appoligize for is my opinion about a totaly screwed up system that preys on the middle class.
I love you all and ya’ll (a southern term;) ) have no idea how much your strength and hope has helped me. Thanks for giving me a chance to express my feelings. Most people would just walk away or tune me out, or maybe just tell me to shut the 773H up. I guess I’ll listen to my last “STATEMENT” lol… THANKS and Keep your head held high.