OK I must ask you?

October 29, 2010 at 10:59 pm

What pain meds are you on during this all? Most anti-seizure meds [prescribed for us with neuropathies] tend to deplete calcium at amazing levels!
Seek out Non-commercial sites such as the NIH URLhttp://ods.od.nih.gov/URL to get a good handle on what works and doesn’t? Save your money for the good products.. check out web sites that don’t sell you ‘super products’ but rather provide you with facts.
Your treatment isn’t as passive as others? And for that be grateful that your doc isn’t a ‘wimp’ from the get go? DO keep a log…maybe on one note pad so you can summarize what you ‘feel’ and how you ‘feel’ before and after each infusion. I do, and I can detail dates times and documentation as to my ‘ability to do ‘things” by days of and after infusions.
Never EVER APOLOGIZE for the amout of IG you get! IT IS NEEDED? Maybe more? Up to your doc to take the tests and get the numbers!
As for IVIG? no s/e’s from that other than an occasional bad infusion… THE meds for pain tho? Do a number on you in terms of bone loss and other nasty side effects. Take especial good care of your teeth! That is the first place MY own problems started to show? And I’m paying big-time for it still! I’ve got ‘dental’ insurance? But it’s just a token pay-off for all the costs. BTW? I’ve got 3 appts in the next 2 weeks for cavities[6], after some this summer for same [6]. It gets RICH! But not for me?
Keep at it and keep faith! Just get a ‘metabolic blood test’? See what you’re missing and get a copy – asterisks [*] indicate what’s high or low! The low we can fix with supplements.
Sounds like you’ve got a good doc working in your court! Just tell him thank you every now and then? These good guys are HARD TO FIND! As you know.