OK here we go in order of their appearance

July 17, 2008 at 7:13 pm

Everything is right sided unless stated otherwise…

vertigo, numb face, cold wet spot on forearm the size of a quarter, brain quakes, cold water splash sensation on toes, great toe numb 24 hrs, charlie horse thigh muscle 24 hours, charle horse calf muscle 2 days, muscle twitches anywhere on leg, muscle twitches hip, horrid muscle spasm from base of skull down back into right arm and ending in thumb…lasted maybe 2-5 mins, vibration sensation both feet, muscle twitches starting in back, vibration sensation now felt up to both knees, muscle twitch in arm, quick warm water sensation down inner left thigh, muscle spasm in back, loss of balance (romberg sign present), muscle twitching begins in left leg, left thumb twitching, neuro visit loss of vibration sensation in great toe + romberg sign present. (diagnosis…silent migraines..huh?).

3.5 toes and ball of foot goes numb for 2 months. Numb sensation lessons but is still there….vibration sensation back (GP). Banding sensation around toes, muscle twitching is now body wide including my face and neck…it is not constant but here there and everywhere every day. Vibration sensation up to waist. having trouble moving my toes down and up. great toes still pulls up just fine….but not down. banding sensation forearm from elbow to wrist, banding sensation the size of a golf ball on my left forearm. Difficulty walking after 10 mins…right leg swings at hip. Coordination problems starting in right hand.

OK…today is a good day..I have had 2 quick episodes of vertigo, 1 brain quake, muscle twitching, slight tightening of right calf muscle, face is mildly numb, toes and foot mildly numb and toes still not moving well.

Wow, I sound like a hypocondriac. If I didn’t have that abnormal test result I’d seriously think I was going off the deepend.

Julie my left arm was not tested and I only had the NCV done not the EMG.

Gabrielle…I’m in Canada…I have to get a referral to a Neurologist through my GP. I’m going to have to wait until he is back from holidays.

Oh and I have been keeping a journal and I use another site to track my symptoms daily.

Oh and I forgot I have a burning sensation on and off on toes in left and right foot and what feels like electric zaps here there and everywhere every once and awhile.