OK here is my explaination

October 26, 2006 at 1:23 am

Grew up with tv program and I wanted to be like the younger daughter. Her Dad called her “Kitten” I liked cats!

When I was in Girl Scout Camp we took a slice of tree trunk on a string for a name tag and glued sticks to form our names. I guess I was lazy and had figured it out that a short name was betther than trying to fit a long one on the wood. K I T was easy to do with twigs…

Later when the internet started I seen KIT was short for Keep In Touch. Also I was a dog obedience instructor and wanted to push for Kindness In Training.

After being in the hospital for 9 weeks and having people do things for me all day…..I felt like a Lady…….so LadyKIT was born…..starting out on the UK forum I added the USA.

Thanks for all your stories!