OK, ‘face’ up to it? You’ve gotta be a wimp in some situations.

June 3, 2010 at 6:39 pm

I’ve CIDP, the longer term version of GBS? Which many can debate til the cows come home. BUT.
YOU’ve gotta treat yourself as one who can dehydryate quickly and not necesserily rehydrate equally the same?
You have to learn to achieve a balance between foods, hyrdration and dehydration. Your system isn’t working as efficiently as it could? So, you have to take either ‘defensive or pre-emptive’ actions to avoid problems!
Fans, moisturizers and all sorts of things can ‘compensate’? But I’d lay it out to your doc to explain the complex THINGS going on with you that need special treatments! AND DO NOT LET HIM/HER FOIST YOU OFF! Get answers! I’ll guarantee you that they don’t know near as much as they ‘pretend’ – now is the time to call them on it? And thus work HARDER for you! Get on the web and search any key words you find OUT! Learn if there are connections? And if true, connect them! IF not, let your docs know? That you are digging deeper than they ever TRIED? Excuse me, docs that don’t TRY are out as far as I am concerned! Kick butt! Get the diagnosis and treatment YOU DESERVE! Second opinions are cheap! As are Thirds- They save your life! Don’t be shy. Hope and hugs.