Ohh! Well that is a neat idea to do!

September 7, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Hey Norb! Well that is a very neat idea to do! That is strange how Rituxan is used alot for Lupus patients and the Cyclosporine and Cellcept! Most insurance companies will pay for it with Lupus. But can’t understand why they would not consider it for CIDP! Just does not seem fair. Especially when it’s used for other diseases but CIDP to me alone is a disease that I think is very progressing and can cripple you to death! In fact! I have had more problems with the CIDP than I have the Lupus!
I just hope when the elections are over with in the US that I see every American getting better healthcare and that we no longer have to fight insurance companies for getting treatment. But then I have a fear too! A fear that the government will regulate our healthcare and we only get so much and that will be it! Meaning high cost patients are given only so much treatment and if it goes beyond those regulations then you are considered terminal and there is nothing else further they can do! Now that has me afraid about that one. A medical spending cap! The goverment is only going to put out so much and then have a limit on spending.
We could either a good thing with healthcare or a bad thing with healthcare! Just hope it turns out good and not bad! Hugs!