Ohh that is scary

August 12, 2008 at 2:44 am

Ohh that is scary! I had an incident one time many years ago traveling on Interstate 95 heading to NC. Was living up North back then. Have a big huge Mac Truck behind me and he started riding my butt. So I let him pass. Then he slowed down and got behind me and got on my tail again. Talk about road rage! I felt like I had myself a nightmare truck stalker! And normally truck drivers are nice people. Not this guy! I have had to drive before with a trailer hooked to the back of my truck. That can get scary at times. Having a bull in the back. I would have been freaking out! LOL!
Does the Tavern have live bands playing. Sure would love to see somebody playing some music. And I hope the bar is not closed tonight. It’s 2:43 in here and was hoping I didn’t miss the last call. Would like some Vodka and Orange Juice please. 😀