Ohh! Did some more canning today too!

May 28, 2009 at 2:30 pm

Ohh! Figured I would add this to my posting instead of starting another one. Getting one step closer to being at the halfway mark to my goal of canning projects! Today I now have 176 jars of food canned and now only have 189 left to go! Woo Hoo! 😀 So so close to the half way mark! I have two more major meals to cook and can and then the rest will be Jellies, Preserves, Pickled Beets, Squash, Carrots and Zuchini! I use the small jelly jars for my Preserves and Jellies and most of the canning jars will be in those tiny jars! So my worst part of canning is almost over with. But!!!! When the end of June gets here, I will be breaking my back picking fruits and veggies and then canning my brains out. Then towards the end of August I have fig trees that will need picking and preserving and that is every other day for a solid month!I sure hope God Blesses me this summer and lets me achieve this goal! I have never canned 365 jars before and this is my first time trying to do so. Have canned stuff before but when I could and felt like it!
This is also good physical therapy for me making my arms stronger and I sure can tell a big difference from last summer to this summer. Even though I have my good days and bad days it seems like so far this year is seeing more good ones! Finally! And boy am I glad!
I hope next week I can get another meal canned. Today I canned 18 pints of Homemade Beef Stew! Next week is either going to be Chicken with Onions cooked in Olive Oil or my husbands favorite Bush’s Baked Beans made Linda Style! But I sure won’t tell Duke my recipe secret!:D