OH Yeah

February 3, 2009 at 7:40 pm

Thats the one Ken,

I like all your shots but the second lower one is HOT! I think I’ll do a save as if you don’t mind.–tim–

oh yeah

July 23, 2006 at 10:11 pm

Man that was a blast. Had a large time with my friend. First Time I been strong enough to play, with him anyway, in a few years. I been practicing 2 times a day the past few weeks. He said I was playing better than he had ever heard me play. lyin bastard. I tole him, hell belly ray, been at it 30 years, outta be gitin some better. Just so you know, back in the day, he was called Rockin Ray. He threw in a couple of song titles to the millon dollar song thread, u might want to chk out… Anywho, I hope your day was half as good as mine.
I luv u man.

Neil young performs a john lennon song, Imagine.
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*slips into a dream and heads for the stage*

oh yeah

July 2, 2006 at 2:07 pm

Hay Ali,
I took that some.
When I took it as perscribed, it messed with my head. I got to talking, how to say this? out of my head. I would just talk about things that made no sense to my wife. She broke down crying one night, and said, I can’t understand what you are talking about anymore. I was daytrading at the time and I would get to talking about charts, the market and on and on… kinda complusive obsessive about things. I felt like I could see things in those charts, like I was in on some kinda secret and they were talking to me. I stopped taking it. Things went back to normal, whatever that is. My wife just came thru, I reminded her of that time. She said you scared me allright. I had no idea that I was gettin mentally wasted…I took one a few days ago, first time in a long time. Good energy booster and all, but I won’t take em for long. once in a while maybe… Make sure someone is around that can give you a reality check every now and then. Other than that *looks around nervously* I liked em…