oh ya, Central Massachusetts

August 28, 2009 at 7:57 am

I was traveling to Beth Israel, but was not happy being a disease and not a person with a disease. Plus the dr didn’t believe in any supporting alternative medicine.

I switched to UMASS in Worcester, and these past two weeks have been hell with getting in, and then getting scheduled for an IVIG one day treatment, which I need NOW, but have to wait a week for………..I am relapsing a bit, and the last time this happened, it only took four days to end up not being able to turn over in my bed! I had a touch of a virus a couple weeks ago after being back to 100%, and being down to 3 mg of Pred. It’s upsetting, but I also have to blame myself since I have been thinking I am normal! Have been slacking on my herbs and supplements, eating regular food as oppossed to the anti inflammatory diet I was dilegent about, and working too much………and the heat out here has been horrendous, and I work outside in it…………..SO, my own damn fault that I’m relapsing! And I’ve learned my lesson………….maybe….lol