Oh my gosh Julie! The tenor ear!

November 5, 2008 at 4:26 am

I too have to delute my drinks even orange juice. Orange juice to me taste like syrup. And my husband drinks it all the time. But I have to have mine like an orange aide! Ohh! I notice the metallic taste when I am flaring with lupus or the nerve damage is acting up. Alway’s seems to be when I am sick feeling. Been sick all week and have that metallic taste in my mouth. No bad breath though. Just have that smell. Taste like a copper penny! And I smell the copper penny smell!
The hearing just! I get ear popping alot and then my ear will feel like it’s clogged. When my nervous system starts to get over active meaning a flare up again, my ears will get super hypersensitive. Sometimes a normal little noise in the house that would normally not make me jump will make me jump. And then my heart will start pounding because the noise scared my system. LOL! Kind of hard explaining this one! My husband like playing music and sometimes the music is just too loud for my ears. Other days the music sounds fine.
And then I have one side of my face that always feels abnormal. Feel like nerve damage is in that area. This is weird too! One side of my nostril works fine and I can breathe great out of it. The other side feels like it is not working at all and I feel stuffy in that nostril and can’t get that one side of my sinus to work.
Great subject! And so strange that we all have these symptoms or simular ones!