OH Jenny!!!!!!!!!!! Keep faith, tho it seems hard now?

January 14, 2010 at 9:12 pm

That Sandy too keeps faith! Mostly in Herself and that she’s not going crazy [tho at times in a hospital it seems like it?] That she is sick and can get better as long as she FIGHTS for it! It’s a long and hard fight, each of us has gone and is going thru it daily, but we have spirit and ‘gumption’! LOTS of IT!
Golly tho? You aren’t ‘just the sister’! I’ve got a ‘sister’ such as you and she’s been my anchor for ages now. We share and cry thru the good things and those not so good. It’s brought us together in a very unique and special way.
Keep telling us Sandy’s story, and update us, please! Also tell Sandy that we are hoping, no expecting that SHE will be able to post her story herself and soon! It’s hard to be alone in your ‘mind’ when you can’t do much at the worst parts of this stuff’s onset. I’m sending you a bit of what strength I can spare to help you all thru this!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, ever. People here understand and are good at explaining things. Do keep in touch tho?