Oh I blame everything on the GBS!

July 26, 2006 at 7:22 pm

If I do too much it catches up with me eventually. The heat does take alot out of a healthy body. Heat is usually the enemy of a GBS patient. Water temp as well as air temp. The nerves control the body temp and if they are messed up, well there is where I put the blame! On the GBS! I do get tired and have a lack of concentration. I can not stay awake for a whole movie till recently. I just don’t feel like doing alot of things so I blame the lack of stamina and not wanting to cook meals on the GBS! When I do get down on the floor on my hands and knees to play with the dog like I used to it really hurts. Also when I kneel on the bed to get across the bed to grab a pillow or the remote off the night stand it hurts right below the knee. It is like the muscle is not there to protect the shin bone. I can not lift things and hold them there for very long. I can not stand for very long either. I am able to walk but I still get tired. The muscles will take time to come back 100%. So again I blame my aching muscles on the GBS! The neck muscles were a problem for a while but now are not too bad. My head just felt too heavy for my neck to hold it up and I would put a towel or pillow on that side so it would not flop to the side. But it does not hurt to talk to the Doctor to get a second opinion besides your own! For the Dentist I would think it would take more time to see bone loss and damage to the teeth due to a poor diet while we had GBS. But I have started to make appointments with the Dentist and have the Novocaine not work. Talk about bad memory, yesterday I forgot I had a Dentist appointment in the afternoon. When they called I blamed that on the GBS!

Hmmmmm what did I blame it on before I got GBS? Oh yeah! Blonde moment! LOL