Oh! Goodness gracious! What we put UP WITH!

December 10, 2010 at 7:58 pm

I saw too many patronizing neuros before I decided who was to be my #1, mainly not my first choice, but, given emergencies access…and with CIDP [and a few other things?]READY access was key.
Funny, tho? [Not really, but a common thread for all] is how our brains went into ‘alert!’ or ‘REDALERT!’ status sooner or later…usually? Later? Because we simply DID NOT KNOW [B]NUTHIN![B][/B][/B]
Any doc who says ‘stay off the internet’? I’d stay away from! Why? Because sites such as this and other good and valid sites offer key info to US as patients/sufferers INFORMATION that these docs do not and likely cannot take the time to tell us about.
I challenge all here, maybe we should do a poll? How many of you have had more than 30-45 seconds of explanations about a new med? Side effects? Drug interactions? [Don’t know about you folks, but each doc I see gets an updated ‘medical history’ every time I am seen, including new med issues, meds and a list of all the docs I see w/their phone #’s- ON ONE PAGE!] IF they don’t read it? They will have a problem in the long run! Can’t say ‘didn’t know’!
At times I think some docs are truly afraid of ‘smart/savvy’ patients? I ask questions, I seek answers and I often refer valuable resources to my neuro.
As well as research, of which you were a part, Alice.. I’m waiting for him ‘to get back to me’- I’m not holding my breath, but am glad that it’d even cross that mind! And, I keep reminding him! Pesky me?
For me? Heck was Neurontin…in huge doses! The ‘hallucinations’ part really got to me-and [I]that[I][/I][/I] [ex]doc wanted to increase it even more? It was pretty hi already… I could NOT WAIT to get off it. And, luckily titrated off it easily. Hey, we live, learn, get smarter and get TREATED as best as we can find! I truly wish it were simpler? Someday maybe. Hugs to all!