Oh Elmo! It isn’t fun no matter the situation! Ever!

April 10, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Sense of smell and taste are very closely related… Honestly? I’d rather you have THIS problem than something else that the MRI’s mite discover… You know what I mean?
Absolutely DO do a replay of every concussion, fall etc. that you mite have had in your lifetime tho? As these can show up as scars in the brain tissues… Best they focus on new damages and not the old?
Don’t forget to read the s/e’s of the meds you are taking as well, some of them do a real number on either taste or smell as well and are reported.
With every new ‘wrinkle’ one tends to go 😮 and get even more stressed? Just get a copy of the reports and try and wrestle with it yourself. I could point you to places? But you would be better off learning the places YOUR reports lead you to and learn from them.
My response to ‘:eek: situations’? Is to sigh and do more research based on the key words in the reports.
That your doc is going to monitor your MRI’s? That is wonderful! You’ve gotten past the ‘imaginary’ patient part to the REAL PATIENT! You’ve hit pay dirt! Great job in finding a good doc!
Dry mouth? Occurs with many meds – biotene mouth lotion or spray [I get it from Rite Aid] is about $6-10 for a little bottle? But it does help in this quarter. 1-2 times during the day? Definitely rite before bed at nite. It’s not a great ‘taste’? But it is bearable, and, you get used to it. It can’t hurt at least.
I suspect that suddenly after your ‘lull’ things will pick up and once again move very fast! It’s like being on one very bad carnival ride, isn’t it? You think the ‘ride’ is over…then it starts up again. Me? I’d rather have a wild and classy party of some sort! Don’t know about you? I WANT FUN! Hope you find some and soon….