OH dear! Lets start?

November 17, 2010 at 10:38 pm

1-8 no/none, at all. Wish I could have helped more?
Actually any possible ‘apnea’ disappeared after I got the CIDP! Go figure.
Plus? All ‘bruxism’ I had dissappeared totally for five years! Again, go figure.
Can I gather that these are issues you think mite have contributed to your CIDP?
Be careful, as soo many different histories and causes come out from here and elsewhere that it can be spooky at times? Not one person’s story is ever the same as another’s. Keep chipping away tho, YOU are getting to the roots of YOUR causes and resulting problems. Glean don’t survey…from others. We each have such varying histories that is part and parcel of what makes it soo hard to get diagnosed!

Oh, correct me on question #3 – Constipation! That has been included as a diagnostic aspect of CIDP in many articles. Tho why I don’t know? I wasn’t on pain killers before my onset other than tylenol.
Hope this helps even a little?