OH Chrissy! Durn!

November 20, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Fun time in the ER and now on Flagyl and Cipro? They can be wonderful for a short term, but long term? Well, web up these meds ‘prescribing information’ sheets and look at the side effects…. PN is a noticeable one. SIGH.
Next time at a wine tasting? Eat the CRACKERS only, plus some wine? Leave the rest to others to take their chances. For what’s food poisoning or the like for ‘most’ is NOT for us.
GET copies of all the hospital’s tests and evaluations, reports etc asap and once you get that lawyer? Give them to HIM/HER!!!! Copies of your copies of course.
I’ll pray in the meantime that you are only on those meds for a short stint [14days or ideally less] I know you’ll have to go back for constant testing to ‘check’ if you are clear – And I’ll be crossing my fingers and eyes until you get that all clear!
No fun goes unpunished? DRAT!!! Hugs in the meantime, don’t go far from the ‘commode’. [Baby wipes w/aloe help if it lasts a while, but just be careful!] MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!