Of Struggling and Staring

October 4, 2008 at 9:29 pm

I’m pretty used to coping with my GBS now. My rollator has made it possible for me to get out of the house and do my errands, though I don’t have the strength for much else.

I just wish people wouldn’t stare at me, or act as if I’m invisible. I’m finding I have to train them to treat me normally. And then there are the ones that act as if my rollator is in their way, or my cane is in their way, or I’m in their way, when I’m going as fast I can, and I can’t get out of their way fast enough at grocery stores, or on sidewalks, or roads.

And when I have to sit down on my rollator seat to rest, they stop their cars and stare at me, never saying anything to me, mind you, just staring…staring…more staring. Then something comes over them, and away they go again. The other day, I was on my way to get the mail, and got too tired to walk, so I sat down and had a nap sitting on my rollator. People kept stopping their cars and staring, but I didn’t care; I just kept napping, and with my sunglasses on, how were they to know? And when I was good and ready, I got up and left. I see I will have to modify one of my favourite sayings: “Quit your swearing, swear-boy”, and change it to “Quit your staring, stare-boy”.

Anyhoo, it was a perfect autumn day: crunchy, golden leaves to shuffle through, a cloudless sky of clear, blue perfection, no skeeties, and yard sales!
I got an old black and white John Wayne DVD “Riders of Destiny’, among other things. So, it’s a western-themed night for me! Good-night, all!