OC Neurologists.

February 14, 2007 at 9:15 pm

Nate was in St Joseph Hospital in the city of Orange when he was diagnosed with GBS. His Neurologist was Brian Boyd in Orange. He was good but very arrogant.
Nate was in St Joseph for a month, then transferred to Fountain Care on La Veta.
He got good care there but he needed to be closer to El Cajon. Orange is 100 miles away and it was very hard having him so far away.
Once he could stand, they let him go home. We were so glad.
I can’t find any Neurologists here that takes Medi Cal so I will have to go to UCSD to find one. Thats ok, its not too far.
If you have access to choose your own doctor, and you live near there, you might look Dr Boyd up.