Obsession NA

January 12, 2010 at 6:37 am

Keep on truckin Tara,

you won’t find a cure but you are certainly going to know your body pretty much inside and out. You may even find out things that enrich you life by your research. You may realize that other ailments are in combination and that is what makes your condition as unique as it is. With this will eventually come possibly some relief followed by better living and then acceptance while keeping a watchful eye out for changes.

I have made huge discoveries I believe in and now have my doctors attention.
They are phenomenon unexplained but accepted at some point. proven by trial and error. My obsession and push to know more and more trying to put a finger on something b/c it doesn’t make sense all of this. Everyone is different. My wife is an acceptor. I am not. My mind is trained to push and find out more with whatever I do in life. I am a very curious person. With everything.

I want to know why, how it works, how to make it better. It gives me great satisfaction to do so.
My being the way I am has saved me time, money and pain in life, in general, and has satified my mind. I have accepted that I will always have my CIDP.
We are the the Good and the Bad.

We see you struggle through all of this as we all have for ourselves and loved ones. Keep on Truckin, find out as much as possible. you will benefit in the end.

My two cents for what its worth.