numbness in fingers

July 22, 2006 at 7:55 am


my CIDP first presented as classic carpal tunnel syndrome. matter of fact, since i’m a computer programmer, the doctors were dumb enough to look for confirmation of cts instead of diagnosing the problem.

i had ct relase on both wrists. needless to say i never got any better. stick to you guns kiddo, cts rarely presents as symmetrical (both sides). if you don’t have pain in your wrists and fingers, it’s probably not cts.

besides, ct release is treating the symptoms, it’s not even close to an attempt to treat the cause – inflamation of the tissues around the tendons which causes pressure on the median nerve within the ct. – ct release is where they just cut the transverse carpal ligament ([url][/url]) to make more room for all of the tendons and nerves. just another debacle of medicine and knife happy doctors.