Numbness & Tingling

April 23, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Len, When I was in Critical Care the docs told me almost everyone recovers fully. When I was in rehab hospital a volunteer who had gbs told me she still had tingling and numbness after 6 years. That did not sound like full recovery to me. I am now almost 5 years down the road and I still have numbness and tingling in feet and hands and some facial numbness.
Feet feel like I am walking on bunched up socks.
But, it doesn’t affect what I do….walking, working, golfing, gardening, scouting, canoeing, driving…… She can do it.
My case was similar to your wife- 2 weeks critical care, 2 weeks specialty hospital to wean off vent, 5 weeks rehab hospital and 6 weeks out patient therapy.