Now we are all taking turns! Still no improvement!

January 25, 2009 at 3:18 pm

Got to the hospital very very early this morning and getting ready to crash on my sofa and try to catch up on sleep. My dishes and landry piled up everywhere. Clothes thrown everywhere! Have had no time but sleep and mom.
This morning she has not eaten anything! The smell of food is making her do nothing but barf! Constant barfing. She takes a sip of tea and then barfs it up. The phenergan is not even working! She’s still at a 5.0 and I managed to chase the doctors butt down in the hospital this morning and asked him how sick does she have to get and how high do those levels get before they start dialysis. He told me they usually will consider it when they reach mid 5’s to 6’s and then they start the dialysis. But also said it depends on the patient. She is showing Uremic Acid now in her urine. She’s very confused and letharic and is now getting some crackling sounds in her lungs. So they started giving her fluid pills . The doctor is going to see her again in the morning and said he will talk to me again in the morning and if she is not any better in the morning then he will start her on dialysis! She’s so sick now that she can’t be left alone. I got there very early this morning and then my husband showed up and let me come home. My sister is coming in tonight around 8 and spending the night. Then I get up at 5 and will stay with her until 12. My brother in law is going to come in at 12 and we are all just going to rotate shifts.
Please pray they start that dialysis on my mom tomorrow. Bless her heart I hate seeing her this sick! And she really is sick! It’s bad enough having a knee replacement and being in so much pain. Then to suddenly have kidney failure and have that on top to fight. I just don’t want to see my mom suffer and right now she is suffering. This is not the way I want to see my mom go! I think I could excet it better is she had a heart atack and it killed her instantly not knowing what happened than to lay in a bed with horrible pain and kidneys failing at the same time. Now the lungs with fluid in them.
Thank-you so much family for the prayers! I decided to print the prayers out and make them like cards and put them in my mom’s room tomorrow. Thought that would cheer her up knowing she has so many on the forum routing for her and saying prayers! Maybe her seeing these special notes will give her the strength to fight this. I glued them on to different colors of construction paper and she each has a card from everyone of you! Thank-you all so much!
Please keep the prayers going for her! God Bless!
Now I am getting on my PJ’s and hitting my couch and not waking up until 5 in the morning! I hope! Good night family! Will let you know tomorrow what happens. I pray dialysis and I pray she improves instantly on it! I know nothing about dialysis! So that will be another experiience that I have no knowledge over!
Good night family and thank-you to the bottom of my heart your prayers and kindness. I love you all in here! I feel like I have several brother’s and sisters and that is why I call you all my family! I just hope that someday I can be of help to each and everyone of you! Hugs
Linda H