Nothing to be done?

May 8, 2007 at 8:48 pm

If I had accepted that diagnosis from my first and now former neurologist…I would probably not be here. I went and got two other ‘second opinions’ and actually received the tests and treatments of and for CIDP. If you have decent insurance, it certainly can’t hurt to get another view on what is happening to you. If your current doctor is correct at least you have some confirmation of that assessment.

Most non-HMO plans allow for getting second opinions. Just be sure to obtain all prior records leading to that one doctor’s diagnosis [x-rays, MRI’s CatScans, blood tests, nerve conduction reports] Your current doctor may charge you to get copies of his reports, but in the end it could be well spent money. Finding the ’cause’ of the problem isn’t always what’s needed. Finding the doctor who will treat you properly and best for your problems is what is needed.

My first ‘second opinon’ neurologist is now my primary neurologist. My second-second opinion neurologist is the head of an area research hospital and was the one who ordered additional tests that my current neuro was cautious about doing right off. Were it not for all that testing and seeking help, it probably would not be a good outcome.

It is always worth the time to try it and see.