Nothing like the good old….

January 19, 2009 at 3:01 pm

doctor networks! Pick your neuro’s brains…I bet he/she will contact a lot of peers to find out WHO in that area is on their wavelength. Ask your GP and any other docs you have as well. They WILL get back to you because their reps are on the ‘line’ as well in all referrals.
Check out the board of this organziation and other neuropathy groups as well… you will be surprised at what you can find! Pay special attention to their medical advisory committees or the like as well. Lots of names will come up again and again. That doesn’t necesarily mean that they are the best, but to see an associate of theirs might mean that you are getting a #2 type person willing to try harder. Also? Check out who your medical plan will cover… that can make one BIG difference overall in terms of medical support and treatments! This part can be harder to figure out than all the rest, depending on what coverage[s] you have. But it is a critical cost factor in the overall picture of things.
Good luck, now get on the phone and start calling!