Not surprised…

February 27, 2007 at 1:32 am

My husband who is 55 & has absolutely no health issues, except having had a back surgery over a year ago, just went through this process. It took almost five months from the time of his physical last summer with them to finally get approved. Then the underwriter was going to deny him because of his occupation (a blaster for the mining companies here.) Fortunately by then he had already retired!

When our son was born with spina bifida, it was always impossible for us to get life insurance for him as well, even though he should have a normal life expectancy. I am glad I was able to keep my life insurance policy from my last employer after I came down with CIDP, as I know I would never get any now. There are just too many issues involed with these illnesses, & let’s face it, when they issue a policy to someone, they hope they will never have to actually pay out any money.

It is not true that you cannot die from CIDP, as if one has the progressive form & is unable to stop the attack on the nerves, eventually it can destroy the nerves in the respiratory system. Also, with so many procedures done on an ongoing basis, or hospital stays, one could develop infections that could cause pneumonia or even death. Not to sound pesimistic, but I can’t believe what we had to go through for my husband to get it.