Not really sure!

October 6, 2008 at 6:59 am

Not really sure about this question for me due to the many things that were going on. I know back in I 1989 I started having problems noticing numbness and tingling and was diagnosed with neuropathy. But had CNS lupus back then too! They actually did not diagnose me with CIDP until this year of 2008.But 3 years ago I too was diagnosed with Neuropathy. Motor/Sensory. The neuropathy issue with me has been in question because of a past history and then keeping the neuropathy for so long.
I did have a 3 year remission too and then got diagnosed with CIDP. When I started getting the numbness and tingling back, I just knew it was CNS lupus all over again and my doctors were treating me for that with steroids.
Now we are trying to rule out whether the CIDP issue are thyroid, lupus and B-12 or if they are Lupus with mixture of B-12 or was it just the Thyroid causing this these past 3 years and then landed me with CIDP. So I would official diagnoses of that in 2008 but may have it it longer.