not much help but ….

October 30, 2006 at 8:50 pm

from what I have read (and I vaguely remember the doctors telling me at the time) people whose symptoms progress rapidly often also recover quickly. i am definitely testimony to that. So by the same token, people whose symptoms pregress more slowly also have a more drawn out recovery process. I think how quickly you are diagnosed and get treatment also plays a major role in recovery times.I know it is not much consolation but hopefully knowing that what you are feeling is “normal” might give you some peace of mind. i am no expert but when you think about it, just because the nerves are “healthy” doesnt mean they are working as well or as efficiently as they did prior to the illness. A lot of rehab involves retraining the body to do things you took for granted before. Even when i started walking again I had trouble at first doing things like walking backwards or walking while doing something else like bouncing a ball. Even though i was physically capable of walking, my brain had trouble tellin g my legs how to work when i was trying to concentrate on other tasks. I guess what i am trying to say is the body works in mysterious ways and especially with GBS there is often no hard and fast rules.

Just hang in there and like everyone says, take things easy.