Not Jim C, Jim D

November 26, 2011 at 12:23 pm

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]It was Jim D who contracted the core antibodies of Hep B. And he received IVIG from a few different locations, two in california and one in Illinois (at least)– so nailing down where it may have come from would be an impossibility.

When first diagnosed, he did not test positive for these antibodies– and was told that it is not uncommon to contract something like this because it could have come from one of the thousands/millions that donate — perhaps who once had or had been exposed to a particular virus. Although not considered a tragedy as they are dormant, they were a mild concern when neutropenia was introduced. Hence the extra usage of antiviral medications as preventative.

There was another person at the same time at NW, undergoing SCT, that also tested positive for these antibodies.

In both cases, infectious disease doctors were brought on board to monitor throughout the protocol.

Claudia, please don’t be too put off by these small and few risks. IVIG helps many, many people and you may be one of them. The discussion here is to inform on all aspects.[/FONT]