Not Happy with Cymbolta!

August 11, 2008 at 7:06 pm

When they first started me on lyrica it was once a day and after a few months increased it to 2xday. Two weeks later I had a major reaction to the Lyrcia and my other meds. a resp. arrest while at my family reunion, boy do I know how to end a family reunion, lol!!!!:D they put it back to once a day and other than weight gain, (which sucks) I am tolerating it well and it does really help with the neuropathy pain.

So maybe like the responses earlier said maybe you should give it another chance or try the Lyrcia.

Boy can I relate to hubby getting tired of hearing complaints. He doesn’t really say anything, but his non-verbal says it all sometimes! You can vent to me anytime onPM and I’m here for ya girl!:)

Good Luck,