Not fun surgery! Glad you came out with Aces!

December 13, 2010 at 11:59 pm

Or stars?
Gotta tell you each time one goes under? YOU are sweating [if you can?] bullets before? Then, after too.
I’ve had four surgeries in the last five years…. for two I was under for 4-6 hours for each! The most important thing [aside from feeling like you’ve been run over by a bulldozer?] is to drink fluids like crazy the 3-5 days after surgery to get that anathestic stuff out of you! AND start either bran cereals and stool softeners as the pain killers they give you WILL stop you up! Next is the goal of getting up and re-learning to move in a new way that doesn’t hurt.
Congratulations for getting THRU IT! Some things you have to do to simply get them done!
And, yes, be cautious about what you eat for a while? Treat yourself to ALL the soft stuffs and [maybe?] forbidden things you don’t normally eat. Me? I’d slurp up a pudding any day! Or even Jello, if the rite flavor!
Build up slowly to solid-er foods? That ‘ERP’ factor will show up when you go to fast…you WILL know when!
Follow directions and go slow with this please! Get better daily, and you will surprise yourself. Hugs and hope.