Not diagnosed yet but

July 27, 2008 at 6:56 pm

Although I am completely diagnosed just yet, I thought I would add where mine started. I got a Hepatatis Vaccine because I was working in the medical field back then, and after that vaccine, I started noticing a numbness and tingling sensation at bedtime while trying to sleep. My feet would fall asleep and just would not wake up. Then my left side started going out. From my face to my left leg. Was all numb and tingly like I was having a mini stroke. The nerve damage with me has spread everywhere. I have it in my arms, legs, face, torso. I’m eat up with the mess. I just hope they find something to help me soon. Hard to deal with for me, but I’m trying.
I too have Systemic Lupus and they are trying to figure out if my CIDP is Lupus involved or not. I think mine is Lupus involved. Just getting some kind of treatment is what I am waiting for and right now, I’m willing to try anything they give me! Will be scared but will try it out and hope it works for the best.