not a silly question

August 17, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Hi Tammie, your question is a good one. I know exactly how you feel. How do I explain my condition/syndrom to family and friends (let alone strangers)when I don’t even understand it? I do find that I avoid people sometimes. I am more comfortable alone. But you have to get out there and try. I know it’s frustrating. Just today I was with my dad and I was complaining that I can’t walk on grass very well or walk up or down a small hill in his yard, we had to hold hands and walk around it. He said “Denise, look at where you were a year ago. You were just out of the hospital. You’ve come so far.” “Yeah, I know, but I’m working so hard to get back to the old me and I’m not me.” I may never get back to being the old me but I’m working at it. Tammie, Don’t give up. And remember you are not alone.
Best Wishes, Denise