June 21, 2006 at 6:43 pm

Yo, Norb,
how goes it? they are nocturnal creatures. They raise the young in a pouch like a kangaroo. Real quiet. She barks like a dog if she thinks its dinner time. not loud but I can hear her in the next room with the bath door shut. Poops look like ====== about that long. Jelous of the cell phone. will get mad and hide behind a towel if u get on the phone during her time.. exotic animal and is illegal n some states. here is a better description of them
(Link deleted by administration)

She mostly jumps from place to place. She don’t like to get up high anymore. used to climb up on top of door and jump off to ya. I got a barstool in there and stuff for her to climb on. If u don’t smell right, they poop/pee, lick ya till u smell right…Don’t git excited norb. we met ur wife, she won’t go fer it..but only if they luv ya…

Ali, there is a breeder here in murfreesboro. My wife cleaned her teeth one day and she had one in the car. She tole me about em.. I looked at it a long time. Then a lady had a baby girl on the tennessee alabama line that was looking for a home for it. She drove up here and we met at Gibson Guitars. She was so small and scared.. Now she runs this house… They bring em to the flea markets around here. They sell em for around 200 bucks now dayz. I got her for 125. When I have had to go to the hospital for a few dayz, she goes on strike. Hard to get her to eat or drink. Hopefully that is past. I just don’t have the strength to fuss with a dog. It has worked out well, but they require a lot of luv and attention, if they are by themselves. I thought about getting a mate for her. But its a pain when they get older. She don’t know shes a glider, she thinks she is a small human..