Nobody can get me in today to see me! Crapstix!

June 1, 2009 at 10:42 am

Well we called everybody that I see and the Rhuematologist can’t get me in today but can see me on this coming Monday at 9:45. Said to go to ER if I get worse. So I will just have to suffer a good week, that’s all! 🙁 Unless they get a cancellation and they will call me if that happens. This is bad to say this but everytime I go to an ER in my local area I come home worse than when I got there. LOL! Only thing they will do is check me out and do labs. Once I mention CIDP and Lupus they will give me something to ease my pain and then send me home making me bedridden for several days because I stayed up half the night waiting to be seen and then they tell me to call my Rheumatologist or Neurologist the next day after being seen. I have suffered like this before so I guess one week of more suffering won’t do any more harm. If I think though that the steroids that are increased aren’t going to help and I see myself getting worse tonight then I will go to the stinken ER! But if I go then I will try to sweat it out until 4 in the morning or 5 in the morning. Maybe then I will get lucky and be the first patient they will see! I hate to say this but you all surely don’t want to live in my area. The Healthcare in my area stinks! Unless you travel which I am now doing. But the doctors here are hard to see when you need to see them except for my primary care! I looked online this morning in my area to see how many Rheumatologist were located in my local area. Only 1 which is the birdbrain that caused this mess on me 7 years ago. The rest are all 50 miles away from home. I will just rest and read a book or watch a few good DVD Movies. I have Marley and Me and , Seven Pounds and Twilight which I fell asleep on a few weeks back watching so today I guess will be movie day and will probably fall asleep on them today! LOL! I’m getting offline and Andy is heading out the door to go to work and demanded I stay in bed today! He doesn’t even want me going to the bathroom and fixed my lunch in my portable fridge beside my bed. Yep! We have an emergency station in my bedroom! Portable fridge where he fixes me a sandwich and chips for lunch. 3 cans of soda in the fridge with an ice tray. A couple of fruit cups in the fridge. And then he gets out the Portable toilet chair and sits it at the bedside! He comes home and does not see any urine in that pot, I get reamed a new @@@&&&&! Walker is beside the bed. Wheelchair is beside the bed and the telephone. My meds! Lets just say he has me trapped in where there is no reason for me to get out of bed unless there is a fire! Then I have permission to get out. He will go to work and around lunch time pop in being sneaky checking up on me. Making sure I am not out and about doing a NO NO! Then I will get the every two hours phone call! Hey! I better not complain about him! Not too many husbands or wives are like this when they have a sick family member! My husband is wonderful and very loving. I must say that I am very fortunate to have him in my life! I try my best when I feel good to show him how much I appreciate him being in my life. I try to cook good meals for him and freeze meals so he won’t be over pushed. That is another reason why I have been canning alot making meals for us. He can use them on my bad days and not be busting his back working all day and then come home having to cook! Well I am going to get offline. Time to try and get some rest. The higher dose of steroids this morning is helping a tiny bit. So hopefully today I will start feeling better. But am not going to do anything at all this week! Nothing! Hugs
Linda H