No the MFR does NOT know who you are….

July 6, 2010 at 6:56 pm

They simply collect and ‘pool’ the info from those who call in and connect it to the medication… No names are EVER involved, nor should/could they be unless it’s thru a severe hospital reaction. THEN the hospital SHOULD have done the reporting, but you never know.. I’ve learned that they don’t always to avoid possible litigation.
A good site to see is at the FDA
and the base site is:
Take a look at the FDA and do a search of ‘statins’ in their info base.
I am glad you reported things. It IS painless, isn’t it?
Ironically, some docs DO report and are active about it, others simply do not… for whatever reasons. The whole thing one doc told me is for them, easy. I guess that’s what they’ve got all that staff for? I dunno.
Of course? IT simply doesn’t change things in YOUR case. Litigation IS expensive and unlikely to be resolved in your lifetime…[what our drug costs pay for I guess, in part] But on at least two medications I’ve been on? They were later ‘black-boxed’ -meaning there are warnings attached to some who can and do get reactions such as yours or mine. The more who constructively complain? The better the whole ‘system’ can work! And it CAN!
Good job!
PS I guess I should congratulate you on a cidp diagnosis? I do and I don’t, as I really wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies, if I have any….. [OK maybe a week’s worth….] Now you have a NAME, and a choice of ways to go…limited for now, but do look up Alice’s posts on Stem Cell implatation…. Under the CIDP forum. Bless you and never lose faith in what your body is telling you! It can and does save your life. Hope and good things soon!