No "Going Back"…

December 20, 2009 at 2:50 pm


Thanks for posting that…it sounds like you’re very lucky to have someone so caring and understanding as your partner and caregiver.

Something was said in an earlier post that I want to respond to, as well. I think it was Mac that said his wife “wants things to be the way they were”, or something similar.

My experiences have taught me that there is “no going back” in life, and it is one of the biggest struggles in marriage/relationships. I’ve seen a lot of couples where one is happy with everything the way it is, and when that is upset, for whatever reason, they constantly sit around wishing for the past to re-appear. Ain’t gonna happen.

Whether it’s infidelity, illness, or something as simple as one member developing new interests, life goes on.

That’s NOT to say that the relationship can’t be as good, or even better, than it once was, if both members are committed to the relationship and are focused on the “we” instead of “me”.

It is one of the biggest challenges facing couples, whether they are gay, straight, married, or unmarried. It also effects other relationships in our lives, too. It is also the reason I’ve adopted the life motto: “Change is constant; Evolve or die.”