No MRI inflammation or is it no enhancement in remission?

September 30, 2011 at 1:54 pm

I’m curious. Are these MRIs with or without Gadolinium enhancement?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter. I found a few, small number of patient, studies that all seemed to have this sort of result in common:

“.[I]..In four patients with progressive illness or relapse, the enlarged segment showed gadolinium [COLOR=”Green”]enhancement that disappeared during remission induced by immune therapies. [/COLOR][COLOR=”Red”]The other four were in the steady phase and showed no gadolinium enhancement[/COLOR] of the enlarged nerves..[/I]..”

Hmm, seems to represent the best and worst of our conditions, including my own. Some will show no inflammation some will. Oh, darn. Where is something we can hang our hat on?

I never did display any spinal inflammation, enhanced or not.

In the studies I reviewed, some folks had no inflammation yet were, as above, “steady state” seeming to mean neither progressive nor relapse? I take steady state to mean on going, neither worse nor better.

In the end, I tend to agree with Emily’s_Mom.