No more cats?

February 14, 2007 at 8:29 am

Hi Ken!

I went to your flickr-site last night, but I had to close my eyes and hit the back button – otherwise there would have been no sleep for me last night at all. Bookmarked it though, so I’m going back real soon and first and foremost joyfully leaf through your nearly 80 cat-pictures.
Perhaps there will be more photos of Little-Bit, is she (he?) a Bengali, or are the spots only a coincidence?

Did you really mean to say that you don’t have a single cat anymore? What a pity! You must miss being owned by a cat something dreadfully!

Could you please quote your flickr adress once more, because I would point out to all my fellow forumers that it’s well worth a visit – most pictures are NOT of cats, so this site is for everybody who enjoys wonderful photography.