NO LIVE VACCINES! Especially if on IVIG….

September 14, 2009 at 4:44 pm

UP until Dec/Jan of this year all ‘flu’ shot vaccines [live or dead] were [B][I]Black Boxed[I][B][/B][/I][/I][/B], meaning special precautions should be taken or/considered by ‘ some special populations’ such as we happen to be.
I got bees buzzing under my GP’s and Neuro’s hats at the time about a reaction I’d had to my first ever flu shot in my first year of this all, prior to diagnosis. Both they and I have researched it as best possible and Dead BUGS are OK to get? LIVE ONES NOT! I’m still not sure, but given the virulity of this new flu? I’m not sure I’d do well at all w/’just’ the flu! Durned either way. The docs actually READ those boxes and understood!
IF you are on IVIG, you’d have to wait 6 months or so anyhow w/o the infusions to get the live versions. [That too is info in the ‘prescribing info’ of any brand.]
I’m going to give it a try this year tho, for the ‘basic’ DEAD flu vaccine. I am quaking at the prospect, BUT I also have to consider the well being of those around me? Nothing like going to a doctor’s office or the hospital and ‘sharing’! JUST learn about all the likely vaccines and web up their prescribing information sites…..
As for the H1N1? One key piece of info I’m not finding is whether it is a live or dead vaccine! NO ‘prescribing info’ on this stuff that I’ve found …. yet.
I”m especially worried as it was a really long bout of pneumonia that ‘gave’ me this lasting memory.
I may ultimately make my decision by either going or not going to get the shot[s]. That’s how I made my decision last year, and didn’t get shots.
I’m not saying anyone should or shouldn’t? It IS a very personal decision that might have good or not so good consequences. We have become super cautious in protecting ourselves and surviving. With good reason.
All and any feedback about yes, shots or no can be useful to all of us! I’ll let you know if I do? How I fare.