No isn’t the time to panic – not at all

November 18, 2009 at 8:28 pm

What he is testing for are the following things… possible spinal damage due to some fall or accident, particularly around the head and neck, but if they check out the spine? Even better! Second they are looking for ‘white spots’ on the brain….these can be caused by concussions [that’s what’s happened in my case] or bigger spots for either MS or Tumors [all of which are NOT bad cancers at all]. The radiographer even asked me about a ‘spot on my brain’? It was from a very bad concussion over 15 years before taking the test! It did take me a couple of minutes to ‘replay’ my entire life to remember that one! But when I told them about it? I got a [B]OK[/B] and it’s not been a problem since.
This is a good web site as intro to what all a neuro looks at for everything before deciding WHICH of many neuro conditions is the most likely –
[url url]There are hundreds and more neuro conditions and the testing is a process of elimination.
I’ll bet that if the results were bad to horrid? He/she’d have asked someone to come along with you.
During my diagnosing phases, I had BOTH MRI’s and CT’s, each with and without contrast. They’re interesting at first? After that, for me? Just very COLD and boring!
This is just one more step in the process of elimination of possible ‘other things’ that are checked off the ‘list’ for diagnosis. Keep at it. And keep faith!