January 5, 2009 at 5:37 am

I am very definsive over this because so many have put me down and laught at the way I walk and it bothered me cause I thought you were some one playing around like they do here. So i’m sorry see this is another prob I get definsive over stupied stuff.I have noticed mental prob’s to can’t focus on any thing long enough to read and im forget ful an only 40yrs old if i learn somthing i for get in very short time an it come’s back later but this worries me.Only thing I have’nt forgot is bible and god’s word’s this is good thing. But simple thing’s I do every day man I was going in kitchen one day for coffee an got there an toldly blanked out scary if i had not had coffee cup i’d not remmemberd.this is why i stay home and don’t drive I’M SORRY FOR JUMPING GUN JUST NEVER READ ANY POST BY YOU OR LIKE THIS AN THOUGHT SOME ONE WAS MESSING AROUND WITH US. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND AND FOR GIVE ME I FORGIVE YOU THANK’S JIM:( OH YES IM ON PAIN MED’S BUT NEROTIN AN LYRICA I BREAK OUT BAD AN HURT WORSE AND??TOPOMAX??MADE ME SICK AN BUNCH OF OTHER’S GENIE PIG FINALLY PERC’S 10/325 WORKED AN NO SICK AND COULD MOVE WITH LITTLE PAIN. WAS AN STILL FEEL LITTLE SILLY BUT IT WORK’S AND I TOLD DOC’S THIS IS IT NO MORE GENIE PIG. JUST GIVE ME THIS AND I’LL FIGUR OUT REST WELL BEEN ON YR NOW WITH NOTHING ELSE AN NOT WORKING LIKE USE TO THANK GOD CAUSE I DON’T LIKE SILLY LAND.BUT STILL CONTROL PAIN SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT.THIS IS FUNNY FIRST NERO SAID I WAS CRAZY AN SHOULD HAVE HEALED SECOND TRYED EVERY THING AND THEN SENT ME TO INDY DR CYNTHA HINGTGIN SHE NEW WHAT WAS WRONG IN TEN MIN AN SAID YOUR NOT CRAZY BUT YOU WONT HEAL CAUSE I SHOULD HAVE BY THEN. IN 06 GOT IN AUG 05 MILD CASE BUT AFTER FIRST ATTACK SIX MONTH’S LATER GOT WORSE AND THEN STOPPED AND BEEN HERE EVER SINCE SO 05 TO 09 AN STILL MALFUNCKION JUNKTION LOL BUT HAY NOT GENEIE PIG ANY MORE AN MOST PART AS LONG AS I DONT DO MUCH IM OK.BUT STILL WAITING TO JUMP UP AN RUN AFTER KID’S AN PLAY LIKE USE TO WITH NO PAIN OR SPASIMS.SORRY SO LONG SEE YA GABBY JIM