no fainting

July 15, 2007 at 12:34 pm

My daughter doesn’t faint (maybe she would, if standing longer? But can’t stand…) She does often get light-headed/dizzy upon walking up and sitting up in morning. Main issue is upright exercise seems very difficult. And standing still (with walker/and or support from a person) is extremely hard. After a minute or two, she just wilts. I ask if she feels like she is fainting (ie things going dark, getting dizzy) but it isn’t that. Her legs just feel like they will buckle. And actually DO buckle, if we don’t either start moving or let her sit down. Walking (again, with support–can’t walk by herself) is much easier to tolerate than standing.Though more than 5-10 minutes, she’ll start to fold up when walking too.

I certainly am not excited by the idea of more tests, though. However, if she does have some kind of issue w/ BP or such, it would be good to know. It would shed light on why she can swim pretty well but standing is still so hard.

But, I didn’t realize that drugs were involved with the tilt table test. I thought it was more straight monitoring and not invasive. Will ask rehab doc what he thinks. I trust his advice a lot more than the neuro’s (need a new neuro, probably, but that is another story).

Thanks for your input, very helpful.