No dirty language

March 15, 2008 at 2:09 pm

This is a pretty exciting post for me because, as far as I can see, after 100 posts, one becomes a senior member. That sounds so much more knowledgable and important than just “member”.
The topic for my 100th post is “dirty language”.
I got a big laugh when I looked back at a previous email I had posted talking about neurological tests including one where they poke you with a pin. Not surprisingly, this test is called the “p i n p r i c k” test. The internet decided that I was using a dirty word and changed the phrase to “pin *****”.
My apologies to anyone who would be offended by the pr word. I was using the version from the Oxford English Dictionary. Not the one normally reserved to describe one’s boss!!
Have a great weekend and hi to all the senior members!!